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Mrs. Jones is an 87-year-old widowed female residing alone in her home in Sun City. Her family consists of relatives living out-of-state who are minimally involved with her. She has been isolated from friends/neighbors and homebound for the past several years.

She has been utilizing home-delivered meals and hired personal care services. She has had several falls in her home within the past two months and been seen in the Boswell ER twice. During the second ER visit, she displayed some confusion and disorientation.

She is admitted to the hospital for evaluation at which time a geriatric care manager is contacted. The physician feels she is unable to function alone in her home and may need a higher level of care. The geriatric care manager is able to:

  • Help Mrs. Jones with moving to an assisted-living environment.
  • Act as an advocate for her.
  • Make certain that her daily needs are being met.

The geriatric care manager can also act as a liaison for the family residing out-of-state with regular communication and updates on Mrs. Jones.