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Where does a case manager begin when preparing to make an assessment for someone? With Geriatric Assessment Management & Solutions, it involves a combination of record keeping, connecting with the people present, and being capable of having a balanced overview.

The first thing we do is record who is present, and where, and then we begin gathering demographic information. From there, we move to discovering the person’s medical history and mental health history. We then move to the everyday activities, including how physical abilities mesh with these activities.

Home safety is addressed, followed by learning about the person’s personal, social, and professional support systems. This is followed by discussing what Advanced Directives (if any) are in place.

The assessment is always an in-depth process, requiring considerable experience and skill, regardless of whether a client has asked for a brief intervention or ongoing assistance.

At this point, which will have taken some time and in-depth conversations, we are able to return to the office and begin putting together our observations and recommendations into a plan of care.