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In 2006, my mother experienced medical and cognitive changes that were going to alter her sense of control and independence. My siblings and I found an amazing Geriatric Care Manager at GAMS who was able to be with Mom when we could not. For the next five years, our caregiver made everything possible.

Merle W.

I’m so grateful for the part you played in keeping Mother safe, happy, and healthy. She’s doing well in her new home, saying she transplants easily. Mother could not have lived independently without GAMS, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Bonnie H.

My aunt couldn’t have had a better person than you looking out for her welfare. She couldn’t have been your easiest client, but you were the best advocate for her. Thank you for your help, suggestions, understanding, time, and caring. And thank you for making her smile.


My mother’s life was enhanced and enriched by your efforts and your love. And you were a great comfort to me, both in giving me confidence that my mother was in good hands and in serving as my therapist and confessor. You made the last three years so much better for Mom, my wife, and me.


I’d like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the services provided by GAMS with regard to my aunt. My family and I reside in Pennsylvania. My aunt received quality service and personalized care. I was completely informed of her progress and ongoing monitoring of her status. She was cared for as if she were the caregiver’s own aunt. Thanks for providing me with peace of mind in all aspects of my aunt’s experience.

Richard G.

Your visits to Dad during his last days did not go unnoticed. Those visits, offering warmth and care, may have been among some of his last fully conscious memories before we were able to get to him. How many times you went above and beyond the call for Dad and us with our ongoing worries and problems with him. You were always on the job, untying knots, soothing troubled waters, saving us from exasperating days and worry-filled sleepless nights. We feel a special closeness to you that will be everlasting.

Tonia, Trudy, & Terry R.

This letter is to commend all the people at Geriatric Assessment, Management & Solutions for their invaluable assistance with my elderly father. Over the past six months, his health had been failing and your guidance has helped me immensely since I live in New York and my father in Arizona. I highly recommend this organization to anyone needing assistance with the elderly.

Francine W.

We contacted GAMS when we needed additional care for our parents. None of us live in Arizona. Our mother has Parkinson’s Disease, and although our father is relatively fit for 86, he had difficulty caring for he. And they wanted to stay in their home.  Our case manager responded immediately (by cell phone and email) to all requests. She arranged for numerous services – from having ramps built for our mother’s wheelchair -to arranging for needed services – to regular visits to assess their well-being – to accompanying them to doctor’s appointments.  We received frequent assessments as to our parents’ health and she often brainstormed with us about needed care and the next steps. Our parents wouldn’t have been able to live in their home for as long as they did without the assistance of GAMS.

Lois, Ernest, Nelia, Ruthann, Peter, Paul, and Mark L.

GAMS served my mother for two years. In my absence, the Geriatric Case Manager became the person my mother trusted in and relied upon. Through difficult times, the Case Manager helped coordinate services my mother needed, from nursing assistance and medication management to doctor referrals. She provided concrete help in the form of transportation, help with bill writing, banking, paperwork organization, and advocacy with institutions she was involved in, such as her assisted living program. The caregiver provided continuous emotional support, advocated for her when necessary, and kept in communication with me on everything.  She served as my mother’s eyes and ears, and when the time came to move her here, the move was coordinated through GAMS who packed her up and flew here with her. We remain eternally grateful.

Joan A.

ighly recommended by my social work colleagues at Mayo Clinic, a caregiver at GAMS worked for a time as my mother’s Geriatric Care Manager. As an oncology physician, I thought I would be able to handle my mother’s Alzheimer’s without much difficulty. Not so. It didn’t begin to prepare me for the challenges of dealing with an elderly, declining parent. From the moment I first met with the GAMS Geriatric Care Manager, I felt a sense of peace. She helped me with my mother’s medical care, fully aware of her medical condition, and kept me updated on all developments. She made timely suggestions about issues that needed to be addressed.  The Care Manager was a tremendous support when we moved my mother to her condo, and again when it was time for an assisted living facility. When my mom finally succumbed and it was time to plan the funeral, the Care Manager gave me the words from a Mariah Carey song that my mother loved. I did not know that. We played the song at the funeral and the Care Manager even came to the funeral. My mom came to love her and I came to realize that the Care Manager sees her job not just as employment, but as a calling.

Michele H. H

GAMS provided superb service to me, my mother, and my late father for nearly two years. There is nothing more difficult than managing the care of aging parents when you live thousands of miles away. I live in Maryland. I hired GAMS to provide regular assessments of my parents. My father was suffering from dementia, and my mother was his chief care provider.  The Case Manager visited them regularly, helping us make the judgment to allow them to stay in their home in Sun City West. After almost two years, my father suffered a stroke that turned out to be fatal.  The caregiver was at my mother’s side every crucial moment, acting like another member of the family until I could get to Arizona. She guided my mother through the hospital and hospice care, and was instrumental in finding the care center where he went for the last days of his life.  She did so much, and continues to guide my mother through difficult periods.  The GAMS Geriatric Care Manager is a kind of family-on-the-spot for geriatric relatives. I highly recommend their services.

Al F.