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Who needs our services?

Aging people with mental or physical issues (or adult children of such people), physicians, healthcare providers, attorneys, banks, trust officers, families, caregivers, hospitals, social services agencies, housing communities for the aging population.

Most seniors need to be supported by a strong network of services: physical, mental, and legal. And it is to their advantage to rely on time-tested professionals who are constantly interacting with and evaluating these groups of services.

Pamela Braun, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Professional Licensed Fiduciary, has been working on behalf of seniors her entire career, and has built a strong reputation for professionalism, objectivity, and ethics. Her ongoing volunteer work for organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Desert Southwest Chapter, and her willingness to speak to local organizations and write about critical geriatric needs shows her concern for the elderly. Plus the number of written recommendations.

Her involvement with chambers of commerce, the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers and the National Association of Social Workers also speak to this.

In order to be of value, she must regularly interact with the elderly, their families, physicians, healthcare professionals, attorneys, banks, trust officers, hospitals, social services agencies, and every type of assisted living facility in the Valley.

She and her staff must also stay current on numerous laws, insurance carriers, and agencies, both in terms of social work and as a firm offering licensed fiduciary services.

An organization like GAMS puts to use terms like assessment, evaluation, liaison, coordinate, refer, counsel, crisis intervention, advocacy, efficiency, flexibility, and creativity: all to the ultimate result of peace of mind for the key people involved in GAMS care management.