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Mental Healthcare

Do you have a faraway elderly relative needing assessment? Are you mainly concerned with memory or mental health issues and dementia needs?

We can help. GAMS works side by side with medical and legal professionals to ensure the best for your relative. We also call on a number of support services, as needed, to respond, if needed. We provide brief intervention (through assessment) and ongoing assistance.

Are you in need of counseling and support, or possibly crisis intervention?

GAMS staff is experienced and equipped to help you work through difficult times with a loved one who is having any type of cognitive issues.

When we consider the complexity of the geriatric population’s medical issues, grief and loss issues, and past psychiatric illnesses (possibly undiagnosed and/or not treated), recognition of all these issues is crucial to identifying treatment options. We work with family and the professional community so the client might have the best quality of life and you might have peace of mind.

GAMS has the credentials and experience to help when a senior is faced with memory issues, major depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, or borderline personality disorder.

Since multiple medical conditions can contribute to complications in treating individuals with such challenges, we rely on the medical community to continuously update those in the field of social work before we make an assessment.