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Physical Healthcare

Do you need a professional assessment to identify problem areas such as decline in health or cognitive functioning?

GAMS has its finger on the pulse of the Sun Cities area, Phoenix and Scottsdale, and can help not only with assessment and evaluation, but by acting as a liaison to ensure that your family member is fully cared for.

How do our clients measure the benefits of having a loved one cared for by GAMS?

Three words, “peace of mind.”

Every reference we have received from the families of clients gives peace of mind as the primary benefit provided by Geriatric Assessment, Management & Solutions.

There are many factors that go into providing benefits, including the following:

  1. Short-term or ongoing liaison assistance for families or responsible parties out-of-state or in the Greater Phoenix area.
  2. Personalized services that are specific to meet the client’s needs.
  3. Continuity of care management to reduce miscommunication, time, and costs to clients.
  4. Efficiency and flexibility. Geriatric care management services are streamlined and client-centered vs. bureaucratic agency management.
  5. Cost control done by matching the services to the client’s needs and helping to contain costs. Ongoing monitoring can prevent costly crises and unnecessary hospitalizations.

Our goal is to reduce inappropriate institutional care and overuse of services in the least restrictive environment.

Quality control

Geriatric care managers have standards for practice and all individuals are reviewed for educational and experience requirements prior to acceptance into the Aging Life Care Association formerly the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (520-881-8008).